Commercial Trucking Insurance for San Angelo & Abilene, TX

Here at Mr. Insurance, we provide a variety of commercial trucking insurance policies for the San Angelo & Abilene, TX areas. Feel free to contact our team to learn more or read about each below:

Semi Truck Insurance: Commercial semi-truck insurance can protect you and your truck in the unfortunate case of an accident. Learn more about our policy coverage and requirements for your truck.

Dump Truck Insurance: Because dump trucks often operate in construction zones and other potentially dangerous environments, it is important that your truck is covered. Dump truck insurance can also cover liability when transporting dangerous material such as stone, gravel, and rock.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance: Motor Truck Cargo insurance is one of the most important types of insurance you can have as a truck driver. This type of insurance will cover your liability for any cargo that you are towing. This can include damage from fire, collision, and more.

Bobtail Insurance: While you are towing a trailer most of the time you are driving, there are some instances when you are not, and this is known as “bobtailing.” Bobtail insurance provides coverage for these instances and is ideal for those that own their own trucks, or when driving someone else’s truck on their authority. 

Hazmat Insurance: If you are transporting hazardous material or waste, it is important to have hazmat insurance. Because transporting these types of materials can be so dangerous for you, other people driving, and the environment, hazmat insurance can have you covered during the worst-case scenarios. 

Garage Service Insurance: Garage service insurance is for any auto repair shop, auto dealership, tow truck drivers, and service stations. This type of insurance can cover bodily injury, damage, theft of machinery or vehicles, and more. 

On-Hook Towing Insurance: When towing someone else’s vehicle, they expect that it will be in the same condition when you drop it off as when it was picked up. While you may have insurance for your truck, on-hook towing insurance covers any damages that can occur to the person’s car while being towed. 

Umbrella: While we offer many types of commercial semi-trucking insurance, there still may be holes in your coverage. Commercial umbrella insurance can increase your limits of liability and cover any missing areas with your policy.  

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